Laser Cert.

Here at the Southeastern School of Laser & Electrology we have implemented different types of disciplines into our curriculum.  We offer certification in medical laser hair removal in both 30 & 50 hour programs.  This course describes the basic physics involved in medical laser hair removal as well as best safety standards, we also briefly explore and explain how various lasers are used in the medical surgical world as well as in industry.  We are on 4 different state medical/cosmetology boards because different states require us to deliver different curricula to those who will be practicing medical laser hair removal in a particular state.  We are also known for developing the first standardized medical laser hair removal core content with sub-domain categories which was copy righted by Washington DC in 2015.  You can find the prices for tuition on this web page under the “about the school” tab and we look forward to meeting you in the classroom!  We have also partnered with many different medical device manufacturers to provide you new electrology epilators and used/restored medical lasers at wholesale prices.  If interested in purchasing a used/restored laser please send questions to or call our sales director at 8598060247.  Thank you for allowing us many years to serve you!