School Contract


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                                                                                                  CLASS SCHEDULE AND CONTRACT 



On the date of enrollment 1/2 or all of the tuition is due. All students will be issued a diploma upon completion of 350, 600, or 765 clock hours of Electrolysis training.

At this time the tuition, cost of books, registration, and supplies are to be in full.


Tuition for 350 hours: $12500.00 Included is registration, books, supplies, epilator, 4 pair of forceps, and 3 packs of probes (2,3,4).

          Program must me completed within 4 months 

Tuition for 600 hours: $13700.00 Included is registration, books, supplies, epilator, 4 pair of forceps, and 3 packs of probes (2,3,4).

 Program must be completed in 6 months

Tuition for 765 hours: $16000.00 Included is registration, books, supplies, epilator, 4 pair of forceps, and 3 packs of probes (2,3,4).

Program must be completed in 12 months 

Laser training (Dependent on the state in which you will be practicing):

50 hours:  $3600.00 (Three day course) + $100 For Laser Manual/Supplies

30 hours:  $2700.00 (Five day course) + $100 For Laser Manual/Supplies       



I (the student) have agreed to pay 1/2  or all of the tuition today (or date of enrollment) and the remaining will be made in monthly payments by determining payments prorating  the remaining balance for a period of 12 months for all electrology programs.  Tuition must be paid in full before a certificate is issued. There will be a $50.00 late fee if the tuition is later than 5 days after the due date of that particular month, however we do not charge interest on the remaining balance.


Included in this will be subjects on Electrolysis, Thermolysis, and The Blend and all theories pertaining to these subjects. Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Infection control, Ethics, business law, setting up a business and digital marketing using social media/Internet.

For Ohio students, Massage is included in the above subjects due to Medical State Board questions.  However most recently the Ohio Medical Board omitted the practical (hands-on) portion of the exam leaving that skill to be mastered in our school.   

The student will be in attendance at the school for a period of four, six or twelve months, depending on the requirements for the state the student will be practicing.

There will be no school on all holidays. 

Make-up days will be made up at the convenience of the school. 

DRESS CODE: Each student is to have a white lab coat and/or scrubs to wear for the class room and labs or student has the option to dress professionally.  

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: The student will have two weeks from the enrollment date to cancel, minus registration fee, cost of books and supplies to receive a refund. 

A student may be dismissed from class for the following reasons.


  1. Below 80% GPA
  2. Default on the tuition
  3. Three unexcused absences
  4. Disrespectful to instructor, other students, or clients/patients, with no refund of tuition.
  5. Violating school rules and regulations according to Kentucky standards
  6. Cheating, Loud or abusive language. Entering the class under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind (without a Rx from a board certified Physician). Putting client/patient safety in jeopardy.
  7. Coming to class with a concealed or potentially dangerous weapon (without a Carry/Conceal License).  




I have read and fully understand the above. The president, or vice president, or one of the educators/directors of the school have also discussed the above rules for the school with me via phone and/or email and/or text and/or voice mail and/or facetime and/or voice message.  I understand that the above mentioned programs must be completed within a year.  Students who do not complete within a year will have to re-enroll and pay the tuition fee again for consideration.