Dr. Christopher Chaffin, DMHR

Dr. Chaffin is credited for developing the first standardized medical laser core content curriculum with sub domain categories which was patented/copy righted in March 2013 by the United States copy right office in Washington D.C. and approved by the Ohio Medical Board in 2015 as well the North Carolina Electrolysis Examiners Board in 2018 to teach medical laser classes.  He also developed a standardized medical hair/tattoo removal doctoral curriculum at the Southeastern School of Laser & Electrology once discovering there was no formal doctoral PhD. program in the world and is known as the first Doctor of Medical Hair/Tattoo Removal. He completed an 8 year internship at the Bluegrass Electrolysis and Laser Skin Care Clinic and a 3 year fellowship at Advanced Laser in Cincinnati, OH.  He earned an associate science degree (pre-medicine) in 1997 from the Southeastern Community & Technical College, a masters of science/technology in 2002 from Morehead State University, a masters of education from Union College in 2008 and a medical assistant degree from the U.S. Career institute of Colorado in 2017 before developing his own medical doctoral program in hair/tattoo removal.   In addition he has also published two introductory online classes (link below), invented the medicine/supplement “Kravinol” to fight the opioid crisis and believes every medical/cosmetic student has a gift and/or talent to offer his/her patient and/or client.  Check out his published online courses from the link below.